Unique strategies to help employees balance both mental and physical health

The LifeSynq Organization was created by co-founders Arianna Hoffman and Kimberly Modica out of concern for the overwhelming stress levels, musculoskeletal injuries, and lack of physical activity that have become pervasive in offices around the globe. LifeSynq aims to help employees live happier and healthier in the workplace. We believe that an employee who prioritizes personal care will ultimately be more productive and successful in their careers. Many employees find themselves struggling to make it through the day, distracted by anxiety and chronic pain. At LifeSynq, we want to help you find balance in your life so that you can feel more fulfilled both at work and at home. With our industry experience, we will give you the tools you need to reduce any musculoskeletal pain, emotional stress, and exhaustion that you have accumulated. Our approach includes a recognized balance between data, science, and empathy working with people from all levels of physical and emotional wellness, all backgrounds, and all walks of life. 



LifeSynq is the perfect fit for your company culture.



Our aim is to help improve employee satisfaction and retention, synthesize the mind and body relationship, and facilitate personal growth to nurture a more fulfilling life.

Our vision is to help employees feel physically and mentally invigorated throughout all facets of their lives.


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